New Member Syllabus

Module 1

Points of Unity. Discussion and clarification. Link above.

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

The Fight to Abolish the Police Is the Fight to Abolish Capitalism

Module 6

Module 7

“New Tasks and New Forces”

Module 8

Module 9

Proletarian Feminism

The Social Basis of the Women Question – Alexandra Kollontai

The book The Social Basis of the Women’s Question was written shortly before the First All-Russia Women’s Congress, and published in St Petersburg in 1909. In it, Alexandra Kollontai provides a detailed analysis of this issue from a Marxist point of view.

This is a text written by Anuradha Ghandy, also known as Avanti. She was spearheading the proletarian feminist movement in India, and was a Central Committee member of the underground Communist Party of India (Maoist). This text is considered to be one of the seminal proletarian feminist texts.

Feminist spaces are increasingly focusing on trans inclusion, but many lack the theoretical ability to justify inclusion in a way which does not reiterate outdated and dangerous conceptions of identity.

Module 10

Module 11

Ten Days That Shook the World

Ten Days That Shook the World (1919) is a book by the American journalist and socialist John Reed. Here, Reed presented a firsthand account of the 1917 Russian October Revolution. Reed followed many of the most prominent Bolsheviks closely during his time in Russia.

Module 12

Hammer and Hoe

A groundbreaking contribution to the history of the “long Civil Rights movement,” Hammer and Hoe tells the story of how, during the 1930s and 40s, Communists took on Alabama’s repressive, racist police state to fight for economic justice, civil and political rights, and racial equality.

Module 13

Module 14

Practical Organizing

Secrets of a Successful Organizer

Philadelphia Tenants Union COVID-19 Organizing Guide