Rent Strike


Our society runs thanks to the blood, sweat, and tears of the working class. It is workers who produce and transport the goods and services we need and who produce the value upon which our economy depends.

In contrast, the capitalist class contributes virtually nothing, but maintains control of our economy and society and reaps the ill-gotten gains of our labor. Landlords are especially parasitic. It is workers who build apartment buildings and houses, who perform maintenance, and workers whose rent fills the bank accounts of landlords. This robbery is unnecessary and outrageous even in the best of times; now, workers are losing their jobs and losing hours and many could not pay rent even if they wanted to. While the working class itself has seen a rising tide of class consciousness and solidarity, landlords demand their stream of “passive income” continue unabated while the rest of society suffers.

It is not the working class, but bosses, landlords, and other capitalists who must be made to bear the brunt of this crisis. We call for an immediate and indefinite rent freeze with no obligation of repayment by tenants, we demand an end to evictions, and we oppose any effort to threaten or punish those going on rent strike.

We know that the capitalist class and the government that serves them will not grant these demands without a fight and we know that a wave of reaction and repression will be on the horizon. We can only weather this storm and advance through strength in numbers and solid organizations rooted in the working class. We invite all working class people — including and especially tenants — to get in touch with us so together we can build the kind of movement we need to fight back and win.

Communist League of Richmond