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  • Patriotic Socialism and Transphobia

    Patriotic Socialism and Transphobia

    This article was originally published here on The Virginia Worker. “The workers will not allow themselves to be disunited by sugary speeches about national culture, or “national cultural autonomy”. The workers of all nations together, concertedly, uphold full freedom and complete equality of rights in organizations common to all–and that is the guarantee of genuine…

  • In Defense of Revolutionary Defeatism

    In Defense of Revolutionary Defeatism

    Russian soldiers, most of whom were plucked from the working class, have advanced in Ukraine. They are laying waste to, among other things, working class neighborhoods, and turning life upside down for the people of Ukraine. Furthermore, since 2014, the pro-Russian population of Ukraine’s Donbass region has been under assault by neo-Nazi aligned forces. Overall,…

  • Can Marxism and Imperialism Co-Exist?

    Can Marxism and Imperialism Co-Exist?

    We write to you to share our stance on this callous rejection of both DSA’s democratic will and proletarian internationalism, to open lines of communication with those in your organization that are disaffected by this inaction, and to illuminate a path forward. While we are not members of DSA, your organization is the largest and…

  • Two Dead Ends And A Path Forward

    Two Dead Ends And A Path Forward

    The summer of 2020 saw more than fifteen-million people hit the streets. Fifteen-million people fed up with the legally-sanctioned murder of Black people, fed up with monuments to slavers, fed up with 400 years of white supremacy. They faced the police, the National Guard, and racist vigilantes. They endured vehicular attacks, beatings and shootings and…

  • Anti Co-Optation Statement

    Anti Co-Optation Statement

    In the past month, members of the Communist League of Richmond and hundreds of other protestors have felt the burning sensation of pepper spray and witnessed demonstrations targeted with tear gas and flash-bangs. The lawlessness of law enforcement has been on full-display and well-documented: vehicular attacks, rubber-coated bullets, foam rounds, physical assaults… to what end?…

  • Statement on George Floyd Protests

    Statement on George Floyd Protests

    A litany of murdered African Americans, all victims of extrajudicial execution and state-sanctioned racist violence. All of us who march and demonstrate know at some level that these lynchings aren’t the product of individual racists in law enforcement – that the entire system of law enforcement agencies from state and local police to the FBI…

  • Rent Strike

    Rent Strike

    RENT FREEZE NOW! DEFEND RENT STRIKERS! MAKE THE CAPITALIST CLASS PAY FOR THE CRISIS! Our society runs thanks to the blood, sweat, and tears of the working class. It is workers who produce and transport the goods and services we need and who produce the value upon which our economy depends.

  • Gun Control

    Gun Control

    We, the undersigned, representing several groups of the anti-capitalist movement in Virginia, wish to make clear that we completely reject any attempt by the new Democrat majority state government to pass and enforce any new “gun control” laws. Liberals see the issue of guns and violence in abstraction. For them, taking away guns will end…